Wireless Fan Control

Extron’s Wireless Fan Control System uses variable frequency drive technology to manage fan speed allowing users to manage shrink loss. Our innovative VFD technology also provides users up to 70% energy savings.


  • Cool down mode – cool the pile with favorable air
  • Wind mode – maximize energy savings
  • Warm up mode – condensation control
  • Mesh network fan system
  • Alarm notifications of fan loss/power loss
  • Monitors RPM, current, exhaust temperatures, and differential pressure
  • Local wind with anemometer
  • NOAA wind speed for redundancy
  • Wireless CO2 Sensor optional

For Extron Solution:

Wireless Fan Control System
Wireless Fan Control System

Extron also provides Wireless Motor Starters for flat storage and bin applications. The user has the ability to remotely start and stop motors depending upon conditions. When using our EMC Controller, our Wireless Motor Starters can automatically control flat and bin motors based on EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) allowing users to increase energy efficiencies.

Single Motor Control

8 Pack Motor Control