Wireless Grain Management

Is your grain temperature system Intrinsically Safe?

The Extron Wireless Grain Management System is the complete solution for your grain management needs. Having real-time data at your fingertips will assist you in making accurate decisions towards the health of your grain.

Extron’s Wireless Grain Management Solution combines the technology found in our Ground Pile Management System with the speed and reliability of the BusMux Pro HD to deliver a UL Certified Intrinsically Safe system for bins, concretes and flats.

Utilizing the battery powered ELI Wireless Level Cable and the EWT Wireless Temperature Transmitter to track level, temperatures and resistances of both bins and flat storage will help reduce the installation cost per point by reducing the need for long power and lead wire runs.

Extron is a single source supplier offering complete turnkey solutions for wireless grain management. Go beyond just monitoring grain temperatures and start managing grain levels and aeration in flat storage, ground piles temp and any other grain storage method to preserve grain health and increase energy savings.


  • Modular system
  • Temperature and resistance monitoring
  • Level display
  • CO/Humidity monitoring
  • Aeration control – EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content)


  • UL Certified Intrinsically Safe for classified areas
  • Designed for grain bins and flat storage buildings
  • Easy retrofit with existing thermocouple system
  • No special software or PLC programming needed
  • Wireless communication
  • Ability to bring the data into facility automation (PLC) if desired

System Architecture

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