Extron is excited to announce our new intrinsically safe wireless transmitter.  The Extron Wireless Transmitter (EWT), used to monitor and validate temperature and resistance values in bins, flat storage buildings, and ground piles, utilizes unwavering thermocouple technology.

The EWT is a modular solution that allows you to upgrade your facility in increments that fit your budget and needs.  The new battery powered transmitter pairs the cost-effectiveness of thermocouple with its low installation costs due to the elimination of long lead and power wire runs.  The EWT also is able to be retrofitted into existing thermocouple temperature systems which can help troubleshoot the condition of your cables.

The Extron grain management solution is intended to be “open platform”, preventing you from getting stuck with a provider when maintenance is required.  Often with digital solutions, if you are unhappy with your servicer, it leads to a rip and replace situation due to the contractual implications.

The Extron Wireless Transmitter is just another integral piece of Extron’s grain management solution used to protect your investment.  The data collected is sent to through the gateway to the cloud where you are able to access the information without any special software and can be accessed through the secure interface anytime and anywhere you have internet access.  Through the use of email notifications, the system allows you to be alerted to changing conditions that you can make real-time, pro-active decisions.