Brothers Mark and Mike Krcil farm 3,000 acres near Glencoe, Minn., and the fourth-generation farmers work land that has been in their family for more than 100 years. In the past they used temp cables that had to be read manually to get an idea of what bin levels might be, but until recently they had never owned a bin level sensing product.

When a cousin told them about the Extron Level Indicator (ELI) Wireless Level Cable, the Krcils quickly saw the benefits, and the more they learned, the more they liked. Now the Krcils have an ELI wireless level cable in each of their three big bins.

Designed for easy plug-and-play installation with no calibration needed, the ELI works in conjunction with Extron’s gateway controller to display real-time bin level data, temperatures and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. It can also control aeration fans– all on the same easy-to-use platform.

The ELI works well with solids and liquids, and because it’s battery operated, no external power is needed. This makes installation easier and minimizes costs.


“It was a painless process. Extron is easy to work with and they provide very good service,” says Mike. “The wireless capability of the ELI makes it easy to conduct remote monitoring, and it works really well in our “wet” bin. The system helps us decide how many acres to harvest because we can see how the bin level changes and how fast the dryer is drying grain.”

Different fields have different moisture levels, and now the Krcils can make adjustments to the dryer as they harvest. Before using the ELI, they had to guess how levels were changing or climb up on the bin and check the old temp cables.

“Now we can pull up data without talking to each other. It’s simple to pull up the dashboard on my smartphone with just one click to see bin levels,” adds Mark. “Other products have many moving parts, but the ELI is a simple device that’s impervious to dust and other environmental factors. And it’s covered by a one-year warranty.”

The ELI is accurate to +/- 3 inches so they know how much grain they have in their bins. It also helps improve load out because now the Krcils know they have 1,000 bushels in a bin before placing a truck under it.


“The ELI makes my life easier because I have better information instantly so I can make better decisions. I can plan my day and use the dryer more efficiently,” says Mike. “I can see bin temperatures and level wherever I am, so I can monitor things more closely. In the past, I’d have to run up the bin to get the information I can now see on my phone.”

The fact that the ELI is UL Certified Intrinsically Safe isn’t as critical for the Krcils as it is for larger grain handling operations, however it provides peace of mind knowing they don’t need to worry about a grain fire. Both Mark and Mike felt the integration and the learning curve were easy because the ELI is very simple to use.

“I’d definitely recommend Extron. Their products – and their people – are great. Our fall season is condensed and fast response is needed when we have questions. Extron’s right on the ball,” adds Mark. “Their products are as good as or better than anything in the industry, and they can customize the ELI to fit your needs.”

“Thanks to the ELI, everything flows better now and makes us more efficient because I can get information in seconds,” adds Mike. “We have better, more consistent product coming out of the bin because we know better what’s going into the bin.


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