Pro Cooperative located in Pioneer, IA is a leading cooperative supplying grain solutions, agronomy service, fuel service and feed solutions to customers across the United States. In 2017, Pro Cooperative Location Superintendent, Mark Condon, partnered Extron Company to test Extron’s new 24K 3-Axis Directional Flow Leveling Band Spreader. Pro Cooperative was seeking to test the new grain spreader to help maintain grain quality and improve efficiencies at Pro Cooperative’s facility. Pro Cooperative specifically had a troubled bin that historically had a lot of center core FM issues. Extron’s 24K 3-Axis Directional Flow Leveling Band was a solution to this problem.

Shortly after installing the 24K 3-Axis Directional Flow Leveling Band Spreader Extron’s service engineers returned to the site and recognized that one side of the bin was approximately 5-rings low of grain. Extron’s engineer quickly adjusted the directional flow leveling band from outside the bin in under 5-minutes. This quick adjustment of the directional flow leveling band allowed the grain to fill the bin evenly thus protecting the integrity of the bin.  The Extron’s 24K 3-Axis Directional Flow Leveling Band Spreader was easy to install and allowed Pro Cooperative to avoid any dockage fees on the core as the grain was shipped out. Condon was also pleased that the quality of the grain was maintained during storage. “After we filled the bin with Extron’s spreader we carried that grain for 2 years,” said Condon, “it was nice to see that after 2 years the grain came out with the same quality as when it went in.”

Extron’s 3-Axis Directional Flow Leveling Band Spreaders are designed to meet the specification of your bins. Our spreaders will allow users to eliminate the need for coring while keeping your grain in the same condition as it went in. Extron’s grain spreaders and grain management products are cost effective, custom solutions without sacrificing reliability, quality or safety. To learn more about the our spreaders and other grain management products visit or contact an experienced Extron sales representative at sales@extroncompany today.