Congratulations to Central Valley Ag’s (CVA) Project Manager, Terry Collins on winning the FREE Extron Company 45K spreader at GEAPS 2019. CVA plans on installing the Extron spreader in a soybean bin. The use of a quality spreader should eliminate the excessive collection and clogging of green soybean pods on sidewalls and in sumps. Installation of the new Extron Spreader is anticipated for May 2019. Stay tuned for updates from CVA next harvest.

Extron’s directional flow grain spreaders distribute fines evenly to maintain the quality of your grain. The directional flow capability and adjustable leveling band separates the Extron spreader from its competitors. Our patent pending spreaders can be designed to meet the specs of any bin allowing you to eliminate the need for coring while also keeping your grain level and in pristine condition. To learn more about how the Extron spreader solution can maximize your crop potential call us at (763) 544-4197 or email today!