The System Gateway wirelessly gathers information form the nodes and delivers the data via cell modem to our secure wen server. Set up and configuration is very simple, allowing you the flexibility to set scan times, add nodes and establish set points. Running on 120, 240 or 480 volt power, the controller can be easily mounted anywhere in a central location and within a direct line of sight.

Website Interface
No special software or operating system is needed to access your data. All you need is a computer or a smart device with internet access. Log on to and have all the data you need to view current conditions, control fans, analyze trends, set up alarm notifications, and much more-all at your fingertips.


  • Electronic bin board
  • ¬†24/7 access
  • ¬†Alarm notifications
  • Visibility across multiple locations
  • User friendly
  • Ability to control aeration fans